Custom Home Inspiration from New York City

A recent journey to Manhattan to celebrate my granddaughter’s graduation from Parsons School of Design provided yet another opportunity to wander and to be visually inspired for more ZDB luxury custom homes.

As an ardent student of NYC colonial history and a graduate of NYU Washington Square College, I especially enjoy lower Manhattan, which to me begins around 23 rd street and descends into the non-grid cobblestone streets below what is now SoHo. When I was a student at NYU, living on Prince Street, SoHo did not exist. Walking from the subway to my apartment was a fearsome experience, and I was constantly looking behind me to be sure I was not being followed. There was nothing luxury about Soho in the old days.

This recent visit included an exploration of Peter Cooper Village near 23 rd and the East River, a post-WWII planned government housing community for military officers. Visiting my grandson’s apartment, I was amazed by the large open floor plan similar to what our clients are asking for today, with plentiful hardwood and visible kitchen space with modern upscale appliances. The outdoors reminded me of housing I have seen in Scandinavia (one of my design influences), with abundant green space and many opportunities for community.

Below are a few pics from an East 18th Street stroll, where the brownstone coloration may inspire future color choices for some of our Chapel Hill custom homes. And the exotic exterior stair newel is certainly reminiscent of times long ago! Many of our luxury custom homes are graced with custom newels, some
fabricated locally on a lathe by a highly skilled craftsman.

Next city visit for my blog: Paris, followed by the Atlantic Ocean’s Il de Re.

Carol Ann Zinn

Zinn Design Build