Design Your Dream Home

with Carol Ann’s Design-Only Services

If a design-build option is not the right path, consider a design-only project with Carol Ann for your custom home build or remodel. Carol Ann has designed custom homes in many Chapel Hill and Durham neighborhoods since starting her career more than 39 years ago. She is known for her unique and individualized design plans that reflect her client’s personality and lifestyle. At the start of every project, Carol Ann listens to her clients and understands what they need, and then she makes it happen.

“Your home is so, so important. It nurtures you, it sustains you. To me, it’s a gift or a blessing that I can do that for people. That I can make a wholesome contribution to their well-being…  That’s what I really think a home is about.”

– Carol Ann Zinn


As always, Carol Ann charges a flat-rate design fee.

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